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Kuan Yap & Associates was established in 1998 serving the small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the Chinese community to meet their accounting and taxation needs.  However we help people...

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Testimonial – Chun Chiu Hung


  I have known Mr Kuan Yap since 1993 (my first year of immigrated from Hong Kong) for 25 years. In my eyes, he is a very motivated person who is willing to help people and get along very well with others. He is responsible at work, diligent and always put forward good solutions to clients. In a nutshell, he is a trustworthy person that is worth making friend with.

Testimonial – Chun Chiu Hung

Testimonial – Vanco Chan
我相識葉曜榛先生已有廿年之久,他為人正直,熱心,以豐富的財經識見,樂於助人。 當我初到新西蘭,面對陌生的新環境,倍感困難無助。幸得相遇葉先生,事無分大、小,客不分親、疏,皆能悉心盡力,提供意見,排憂解難。 凡此種種,這不僅止于事務的交接,而是令人有“他鄉遇故知”的親切感。所以,他是僑社族群中,實至名歸的翹楚,難得的良師益友。

陳永浩 感言。

I have known Mr Kuan Yap for more than 20 years. He is honest, enthusiastic, and helpful to others with his vast experiences in accounting and financial knowledge. When I first arrived in New Zealand, I felt it difficult and helpless in the face of a new and unfamiliar environment. Fortunately, I met Mr Yap who attended to problems no matter how big or small they are and provide his best advice and service to all his clientele. On a personal level, other than business contacts and relationship, Mr Yap gives people a sense of affability as though you are meeting a close friend from your hometown. Therefore, he is a leader of the Chinese community (was awarded a Queen’s Service Medal for his services to the community by the New Zealand government), an uncommon mentor and good friend.

Testimonial – Vanco Chan

Testimonial – Muhammad Hassan
  I have known Mr Kuan Yap for more than 19 years. He has been a business adviser as well as a family friend. Mr Yap has always been very helpful and kind. He has always given me the best advice. I find Mr Yap to be a straight forward and through professional. I wish him prosperity and all the best in his practice.

Muhammad Hassan - Singapore

  我認識葉曜榛先生有超過十九年了。他既是我的商業顧問亦是家庭朋友。葉曜榛先生一直非常樂於助人和善良,他總是給我最好的建議。 我認為葉曜榛先生是一個直截了當的專業人士。我祝他的特許會計師事務所一切順利,前程似錦。

穆罕默德 哈桑 - 新嘉坡

Testimonial – Muhammad Hassan

Testimonial – Xiangming Zhong
  我們在一九九九年移民到紐西蘭,因為要申請很多文件需要找太平紳士簽名,從而認識了太平紳士葉曜榛先生。他為人正直,熱心,給予我們新移民很多的指導和幫助。 後來我們得知他也是政府註冊的會計師,我們就很放心地把公司的財務會計交給他管理。 這二十年來,他一直是我們信賴的會計師,他的專業技能和良好的服務讓我們無後顧之憂!


  We immigrated to New Zealand in 1999. We met Mr Yap because we need to find a Justice of the Peace to certify documents for various applications. He is honest and enthusiastic, giving a lot of guidance and helping hands for new immigrants like us. Later, when we learned that he is also a New Zealand government registered chartered accountant, we are very confident to entrust our company's financial accounting and taxation matters to his hands. For the past 20 years, he has been our trusted adviser, his professional skills and good service have made us worry-free!

Testimonial – Xiangming Zhong

Testimonial – Aleki Bon
  I had the pleasure of meeting Mr Yap through one of his other clients over lunch. Since then I have found Mr Yap to be an extraordinary chartered accountant who explains the intricacies to me in a way I actually get it.  My business activates and processes are far more productive now than ever before. Mr Yap is a giving individual who goes that extra mile for his clients.  His community work where he gives back is quite commendable too for which he was rightfully recognised with a Queens Service Medal in 2012. It is with warm regards I write this testimonial about such a fine and outstanding man.  If you are looking for a solid accountant who has seen it all and knows the ‘correct’ path to take with challenging situations, Mr Yap is who you need to talk with.

Aleki Bon

我有幸通過他的一位客戶在午餐時間認識葉曜榛先生。 從那時起,我發現葉先生是一名與眾不同的特許會計師。他以一種實際及我能了解的方式向我解釋錯綜複雜的問題。 我的業務為此蒸蒸日上,突飛猛進以及現在制度上的流程比以往任何時候都更有效率。 葉先生是一位捨己為人及能為他的客戶付出額外努力的人士。 他所回饋的社區工作也非常值得稱道,因此他在二零一二年獲得了紐西蘭政府的認可,頒發英女皇服務勲章來表揚他熱心為社會服務,貢獻社會的熱情。 我以熱誠的問候來見證這樣一位優秀而不凡的人士。 如果您正在尋找一位如何知道在挑戰性的情況下採取“正確”路徑來解決問題,經驗豐富並且實實在在可靠的會計師,那麼葉曜榛先生就是您需要與之交談的人。

阿力基 邦

Testimonial – Aleki Bon

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